Island magic, rice and ceremonies, where nature blends with Hindu culture, and people find peace among the gods. Bali – is the ancient temples, the ever blue ocean and sky, sweeping rice terraces, affecting its bright green, coconut trees, volcanic mountains with lakes, tropical jungles with curious monkeys, sun and white sand beaches.
Bali – a kaleidoscope of impressions, a rainbow of emotions and endless carnival of life, where there is a place for everyone. There is everything! Here, firmly believe in the black and white magic and harmony of the world order. Balinese people are able to enjoy simple things: sunrise, baby smile, beautiful dresses, with fragrant flowers and an unhurried conversation with a neighbor. You can spend your vacation on the beach and in the beautiful park of the hotel, which are built in traditional style with fountains and ponds with goldfish and literally drowning in flowering gardens. Here you will be able to please the body warm ocean waves and thalassotherapy, to give himself the emotions and adrenaline splashes during rafting, scuba diving, riding a quad or elephants, seaplane or helicopter, horseback riding or yacht. Tours of the island slightly open for you the world of Balinese culture and traditions interesneishih.