Bintang Mira Management, the spirit of Batik Bali enthusiast was established on April, 21 2016. The day is exceptional as Bintang Mira established the management at the same date with R.A. Kartini’s date of birth. A hero who was struggling on women emancipation and she is the symbol of spirit for woman. The history is one of the inspirations for Bintang Mira struggles to preserve and develop Batik Bali.
Batik Bali is the main idea of this project. In regard to the project, Bintang mira has a goal with strong optimism that Batik Bali will be known both local and international. Bintang Mira is always bringing Batik Bali motifs on her designs as Batik Bali itself has many interesting variations such as batik poleng motif, batik patra masir, batik patra mas masan, batik patra sari, sekar pucuk and many more motifs. Bintang Mira Batik Bali produces a wide variety of batik Bali designs for kimono Bali as well as hotel and spa uniforms by combining the traditional and unique designs on each products.